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Welcome to HighGPA.com, the place where college and university students can find the best information, advice, techniques, resources and motivation to high grades in college or university. The goal of this site is to provide you best resources to be successful in university or college.  I believe that University is a once a lifetime experience and every student should be given the resources to make the most out of the experience. Through this website, you will learn how to study for university, how to stay motivated, how to ace your exams.

Dulik Kohomange graduated from one of the Canada’s leading universities, University of Toronto, with High Distinction. Once he discovered and developed the renowned 3-step High GPA study system, he was able to become a member of the University of Toronto Honours’ List two years in a row. After graduation, he joined one of the world’s leading investment management companies, Invesco. Recently, he joined one of the largest technology companies in the world, Oracle. He strongly believes that his GPA was a major contributor in the hiring decisions made by these companies.

Dulik’s GPA is a strong indicator of his ability to learn quickly and work hard. His story shows that any student can become a high GPA student if they are willing to make a few critical changes, and follow effective techniques on how to study and organize their studying process. He hopes that his advice will help students to fully enjoy the once in a lifetime university experience, and get the grades they always wanted.

He had lots of success in university, but it didn’t start out that way…

The Personal Origin Story

I was born in Sri Lanka, and I had a very fun life outside of school. I loved playing sports, but I hated doing any school work. Since I was in kindergarten, I remember that I had no passion for learning. Anyways, when I started to go to elementary school, again, I would not do any work. I would get punished and my parents were all over my bottom trying to make me study, but that did not stop me from continuing my streak of not doing any school work.

When my parents and I came to Canada in 2002, my parents’ concern for my lack of studying continued. I remember becoming quite depressed because I couldn’t connect with anybody in high school. I couldn’t connect with them because I was not able to speak English with them.

In grade nine, I remember I failed geography and science and I was quite embarrassed. In the following summer, I worked hard and managed to barely pass these two courses in summer school because I feared being embarrassed again. In grade 10, I was starting to do well in school, but my father became quite ill with a severe stroke. As a result, same woes started to continue. Again, I managed to fail two courses. This time I failed math. I decided to take the math remediation course in summer school, but I failed again. After doing it for the third time, I managed to barely pass. Either way, what I want to tell you is that I was never academically strong, and I dealt with quite a bit of failures.

In 2007, my goal was to get into any university possible, preferably, in Toronto. This is because, at the time, I had a stable job as a security guard, and did not want to let go of it. I somehow managed to get into the University of Toronto. The Canadian university programs are primarily restricted based on high school marks. I was able to get into the Social Sciences program as it required one of the lowest high school averages. Once you are in the university, you can move to most programs as long as you do well in the required courses. I worked hard and managed to barely move into the Life Sciences program. Here, I decided to major in Psychology and Health Studies. Even though I managed to enter into this program, I felt that I put so much effort to study, but my grades did not seem to reflect my efforts.

After my second year, I made a decision to change. I decided to change the way I thought about studying, and how I studied. I decided to do the research on how successful students become successful. There were no definite answers available anywhere. They always seemed to give you advise on how to organize your time, or how not to procrastinate. This is not what I wanted. I wanted exact techniques for getting things done. I wanted to know about their mindsets, and I wanted to know what exactly they did in order to do well on exams.

I realized that I needed to change my mindset about the university. I made a well-defined goal to obtain a 3.5 GPA by the time I graduated. This was a pretty tall order because this meant that I needed to get a GPA of 3.92 from now on until I graduated. I was willing to put everything I got into getting that GPA because I was spending thousands of dollars per course and had only one chance to get my Bachelors degree. I realized I had to make a strong attempt to learn as much as possible if I was going to make the most of my degree. This is when I started to develop the mindset of continuous improvement. I wrote and posted a message on my wall saying “Learn and Grow”. I started to tell myself that every time I read a sentence in a textbook, it was making me smarter and more knowledgeable. I started to read as much as I could because I wanted to be smarter.

As a result of this mindset, I thought to myself that every time I come across something new, I am getting smarter and more intelligent. Research supports that the more you read and learn, the more connections you develop in your brain. Therefore, you are able to connect and synthesize information and draw from a vast source of information when the situation asks for it.

Just like me, you should develop a goal to accumulate as much knowledge as possible. Basically, learn to be a sponge. How did I determine if a piece of information was valuable to me or not? If I did not know a certain piece of information prior to reading it, then it was valuable.

Advanced learning techniques…

Through this process, I started to develop a database of study advice, techniques, methodologies, formulas and theories on an Excel file. Basically, if I came across any piece of information that could help me study effectively, I would save that information immediately and continuously refine my Excel file.

At the same time, I started to work on another file that helped me remember and prompted what I needed to study. After many refinements, I realized that this system had the ability to deconstruct the course outline and tell me exactly what needed to be completed. It gave me direction with exact steps. I closely followed the process it outlined for me. I started to use the study techniques, theories, and methodologies I learned in the past, and embedded them into this system. Now, I would know exactly what I needed to get done, and how I needed to get it done. The studying process became a rather seamless endeavor. No more worrying about what to study and how to study it. The system told me everything I needed to know about studying and getting high grades. I just opened the file and followed. It became a beast of a system. As you know, I had tremendous results.

Because of this system, I had the most fun-filled two and a half years of my life. I became part of the University of Toronto Honor’s list back to back, and graduated with High Distinction. Not only was I able to become a Director of the Student Council, but I also managed to maintain two part-time jobs that averaged a total of 35 hours a week. You probably think, this guy had no social life. On the contrary, my social life went through the roof! I had more time to spend with my growing circle of close friends, and frequently played intramural soccer and rugby. Even my popularity on social media skyrocketed, as my Facebook friend list grew from 260 to 689 friends in 24 months.

Why I created this…

Once I graduated from university, my friends started to ask me how I managed to make such drastic improvements to my GPA. They started asking if I could teach them what they needed to do to make similar improvements, and really wanted to know the exact steps that I followed. I told them that I developed a simple system that help me study without procrastination and informed me exactly what I needed to do, and how to do it. They asked me if I could make a training program, book or pretty much anything that tells them how I studied. I got requests so many times from my friends who were in university, but unfortunately I did not have any time to create anything. I really wanted to do it, and often thought about doing it, but I was really busy at that time of my life. I had just started to work full-time at an investment management company and also had my part-time job. I really couldn’t carve out any time to develop it.

After a year and a half, I finally decided to create the 3-step High GPA System because I started to see that my sister was having lots of trouble in university. She almost dropped out of her program because she had not been in school for over 10 years. It made me really sad to see her like that, so I decided to step in and help her. I told her about the system I developed in university, and how it helped me to get great grades.

I helped her develop a step-by-step system that showed exactly what she needed to study. I made it easy for her to follow, and embedded motivational tips to encourage her to study. During the next semester, she used the program and managed to get a seasonal GPA of 3.4! It was simply breathtaking to see that these same steps did not just work for me, but effectively helped someone else reach their goals too.

I started to show it to a few of my friends, and they all began using it as well. The results were more than impressive, which motivated me to work on the system and website ever since. I started to interview top students who had consistently obtained high GPAs in university. I wanted to know their mindset and attitude towards learning. I took detailed notes on the techniques they used to do well. Now, I am finally launching the website with the techniques and systems that helped me, my sister and numerous other friends.

I created this website because I understand the pains and frustrations of a university student and I want to help. Now it’s my time to give back and share what I learned over the years, so that I can help you become successful in university!

I encourage you to do whatever it takes to do well in university because those grades will significantly impact your life. There will be challenges along the way, but following these simple steps can help you reach your true potential and get that High GPA!

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